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India, a country said to be of million dreams has been progressing rapidly all throughout. There are many cities all over the country, that have been developing at a tremendous rate making it a better base for various firms to have their groundings for better development. These big cities with a perfect blend of technology and development are primarily known as metro cities. There are four such pillars of modern India namely Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, and Delhi. One of the 4 mega cities aka metro cities is Kolkata.

Kolkata located in the Eastern Coast of the Indian Subcontinent is one of the 4 metro cities in India. The city has a perfect blend of culture and technology provides the best means of personal development. Kolkata is one of those few cities in India who have grown both technologically and culturally. The best thing about Kolkata is its urge to keep its culture intact. People there are proud of what their history was and they share it with the generations to come. Throughout the city, you will find signs of rich cultural heritage and generations continuing with the same pride. Kolkata being well connected by all means of transport provides a firm ground for all kind of industries to thrive in its soil giving them ample nurture required for their flourish. It is a ground to big MNCs and also hosts small-medium business. Having a port nearby and nature to favour moderate climate, it attracts many big companies who deliver their major goods on the ports of Kolkata. Being well connected by Air and Rail it enables companies to travel all over India and across other countries too.

  • Benefits of doing MBA from Kolkata:

Kolkata, as stated, is very well connected to the world gives you more opportunities in various big firms. Most of the big companies have their regional head offices in Kolkata itself. Hence, it is quite obvious that these companies will look to hire a professional, close to the city in which they are located. Also, this city has a perfect blend of Modernisation and Technology. This city is technologically advanced and opens up an even wider scenario by providing you with an ample number of choices for an individual. Chances of getting interns in these prestigious colleges are fairly high and this is ought to certainly help in the time of placement which in turn gives you a stable job. It provides you with ample work experience for an individual to grow in terms of experience.

  • MBA Specialisations:

MBA mainly focuses on several types of personal skill development as in General Management, Operational Management, Marketing Management, Finance Management, etc.

General Management:

It is an MBA program which focuses on overall management skill development ranging from developing a perfect environment for a company to grow to manage all the resources available with the company. These professionals gain expertise in managing all the manpower and resources available with the company.

Operational Management:

It is an MBA program where the focus is mainly on managing basic operations and functions arising in the process of a growing company. It varies from the management of profit to management of turnover or be it ways to maximise profit. It, however, focusing on the process to grow a big firm if you be interested in the process to grow a firm, this is a tailor-made course for you.

Marketing Management:

A program that focuses itself on increasing the reach of the particular company be it in terms of publicity through ads etc or publishing it on several fronts. It primarily focuses on managing funds efficiently to gain even larger community throughout the country.

Finance Management:

The program primarily focuses on managing the finance of the firm by having a deep knowledge of what current market demands and every such permutations and combination required to maximise the profit and turnover for that particular firm. Finance interested candidates can directly opt for it. Finance management is all about predicting various trends of share markets going all over the globe. The future scope of such field lies in every medium to the large corporate office that needs to focus on the best ways to maximise profit by utilising minimum resources.

Consulting Management:

The basic focus of these professionals is to act as mediators between a company and customer making it possible for the company to reach even broader markets and also making customers find a specific solution to their needs. Dealing with the customer will be the main focus in such a course.

  • Fee Structure:

Being in a metro city, colleges in Kolkata are full-fledged with every facility and requirement for day to day materials. Having all the necessary needs of life and being in a big city such places are a bit costlier than normal. The city of Kolkata is already fledged with renowned colleges and graduating from such a college amplifies your net worth and makes you more comfortably exposed towards the outer world. Prestigious colleges provide you with more exposure towards the corporate world hence with these professional values they demand more money. Major Companies look for candidates having multiple talents apart from the regular courses but also have the knowledge of other stuff. Colleges in these major cities help you in developing an overall character making you comfortable with every kind of surrounding. These colleges provide scholarship for meritorious students. The fees in these colleges widely vary from 1 lakh per semester to 10 lakh per annum.

  • Eligibility:

The following criteria need to be fulfilled by the candidates to join an MBA course in any business school in Kolkata.

  • Basic eligibility includes a bachelor’s degree in any field, science, arts, commerce or engineering.
  • Also, to join a business school, a candidate needs to crack through entrance examinations like CAT, GMAT, MAT, XAT, ATMA, etc.
  • Higher studies and Placement:

This city also offers you with a wide range of colleges where you can look to pursue your higher studies instead of going out and looking for more opportunities. Placement and intern scenario as stated above is decent enough to land you a comfortable job and at the end make you stable. Placement records of various colleges state the same. Being in a city that has colleges focusing majorly on research and development gives you have a nice option to continue your work in some other college in the same city.

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