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Study MBA in Singapore

Singapore is just unskippable when it’s time to search for an MBA abroad. Singapore has more USPs than any other country in the world. It even has the world’s best MBA Universities and Colleges. There are many competitive advantages in Singapore that helped it to get a top position in the hub of Global Education. The competitions include a reputation for educational excellence, a strategic geographical location, a vibrant business environment which is also very safe and cosmopolitan in nature. The students from all over the world and MBA aspirants from almost 120 countries from around the world come to Singapore for their degrees. And it is not just the studies that the students come for but also to create a unique cultural experience. It is rated as the best cities for the students because of its safe environment and the supreme quality of education that has been provided.

Students come to Singapore to experience the young and diversify country with a vast number of cultures, religions and languages. They host some highly ranked business schools like Nanyang and NUS. Singapore opens the door to the Global for all kind of opportunities not only for B schools and it also has become most popular for an Indian student to have an MBA degree from Singapore.

MBA Eligibility Criteria:

The factors to be considered for getting admission into MBA in universities of Singapore are:-

  • The candidate should have a bachelor’s degree from a reputed institute/university and should have a good academic record.        

  • To pursue an MBA in Singapore, a candidate must have working experience of minimum 2 years, that too apart from having a good academic record.  

  • CGPA of 2.8 in minimum is mandatory at the graduation level.      

  • A candidate should have scores of TOEFL, GMAT, GRE and IELTS as many universities take these scores into consideration.     

  • Applicants who don’t have their undergraduate studies in English have to appear for TOEFL/IELTS as these scores are required.    


  • The test which is majorly based on the internet requires 22-24 in the writing section and 85-90 in all total. 
  • While on the other hand, the test which is paper-based requires a score of 580 in minimum.
  • The overall score of IELTS should be 6.5. And each subtest should be of 6.0 in minimum.

Application Process:

  • One can easily get the online application forms from the college websites.
  • The applicant has to write 3-4 essays about oneself and about the work experience with the educational qualification and etc. while applying online. This information helps the institution to judge the applicant’s language skills and thoughts process.
  • One has to submit the application fees via Mastercard/cheque along with all the required documents.
  • After all these procedures and the completion of the online application, one can easily check his/her status online. 

Tuition Fees and other costs for MBA in Singapore:

For the aspirants who are planning to have their MBA program abroad can really go to Singapore as the cost of education is really low as compared to the UK and USA. Even the MBA programs are shorter in Singapore. The program lasts for only 10-17 months. Even Singapore is accessible from India and that is why the flight tickets are very cheap to avail. The travel time also takes only 5 hours.

Though MBA tuition fees don’t say much about the quality of the program but still in Singapore the average tuition fees for an MBA is about S$30000. The tuition fees are mostly determined depending on the quality of a college/university. So, the lowest costs are S$15000 for an MBA degree. The latest survey conducted by Singapore Business Review shows that an MBA degree can cost you anywhere between S$15000 to over S$100,000.

Visa Description:

To enter Singapore all the students, need to apply for student pass and that too after receiving the offer letter from the institute they have applied for the desired course. Institutes in Singapore then on behalf of the students will then for the Indian application will file the Singapore student pass to Singapore immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA). Applications are then submitted through the(SOLAR) system that is “Student’s Pass On-Line Application & Registration”. At least one month or two months before the start of the course, all the applications for the Student’s Pass must be submitted.

Cost of Visa:

  • For every application submitted to ICA a particular processing fee of S$30 (Rs 1,538) is required. It is generally a non-refundable fee.
  • And for every issuance fee, A S$60 (Rs 3,076) is charged on each and every student’s pass issued. A further of S$30 multiple-entry visa fee is also required. The fee of Student’s pass is only payable when an applicant successfully completes the formality.

Documents Required:

The documents that are required for the application purpose are as follows: –

  • One should carry a valid passport which is valid for three months more than the period of your stay in Singapore.
  • The fully completed application form for Student Visa.
  • One should carry the receipt of one’s application fee payment. The applicant is required to pay roughly Rs 1,538, which is almost S$30. And once the student pass is approved and issued, S$60 of issuance fee is required to pay which is rough Rs 3,076. 
  • One should carry the offer letter from the particular institution of Singapore once they paid the tuition fee
  • The candidate should carry passport size photographs.
  • The proper bank statements of all the payments made by the candidate.
  • The letter of the sanction of bank loan.
  • One should carry diplomas, transcripts, degrees, or certificates from the schools that the candidate have attended.
  • The requirement of the Test scores of TOEFL, GMAT AND GRE by the college.

There can be a requirement of additional documents as additional documents may be requested by the interviewer during the personal interview of the candidate. These documents are generally of the proof of financial and academic status.

Application Procedure:

One month before the starting of the course new applications for the Student’s Pass must be submitted.

1. Registration of Application by (IHL) which is an Institute of Higher Learning

The college has to register first through SOLAR before any of the students from foreign student submits an application. The information required for this are: – 

  • The date of birth, name, gender and nationality of the student.
  • All the details of the Course and that too with the course commencement, and course end dates.
  • The reference number of SOLAR applications.

2. The student should submit the form 16 

A student may log in to SOLAR to submit eForm 16 after getting successful registered. A candidate should know the following information before login: –

  • A notice acknowledging the registration and providing login information by the college.
  • The thorough details of the Passport.
  • The address and contact details of Singapore. 
  • The email address of the applicant.
  • One passport-size colour photograph.

A student needs to print a form for submissions to the Student’s Pass Unit and complete the following submission for the student’s pass.  

Singapore will never stop and will always strive forward and will grow. It is still getting themselves better to be preferred by the students from abroad to choose their MBA degree from Singapore especially these attract the Indian students who are aspiring for an MBA from abroad. It will always be the students’ favourite study city as it helps a student to polish its personality because of the diversification of the students from different backgrounds. Even the international study trips and exchange programme also help the students to be a part of the curriculum of Singapore MBA programs.

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