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Italy is the most reputed and most popular study destination in Europe and in the world. Many of the European and non-European students from different corners of the world come to Italy to pursue further education. Not only just the courses are great in numbers that is, they provide 1st-degree programs, 2nd-degree programs, Doctoral degree programs, and many others, but they also cover almost all disciplines of study. When compared to the UK or US, the cost of the study is more on affordable terms in Italy obviously given the fact that the teaching infrastructure is not well supported and modernized.

Course Overview:

There are many universities and private business schools in Italy which provides MBA programs for generally of 1-year duration. The program harnesses decision making and management concepts and also blends creativity with solid entrepreneurship among the students. Not only that the unique program model not only imparts the students with theoretical and practical concepts of international management. The program is made to suit the needs of the adults who are working or for whom there is a problem of time and money as there are full-time MBA, part-time MBA, executive MBA and it also offers distance learning MBA and online MBA programs for the students who have a time management problem.  

The subjects which are offered in MBA in Italy are Marketing Management, International Business Management, Quantitative Methods for Managers, Applied Microeconomics, Strategic Management, Financial Derivatives, International Marketing Research; Business Negotiations; Risk Management, E-Commerce and Internet Marketing etc. and with all these one gets to learn a foreign Language – Italian.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • To get the eligibility criteria for a student for an MBA program in Italy, he/she must hold a 1st cycle degree which is preferable should be a bachelor’s degree from Italy or an equivalent qualification of 3 years’ duration from any other country except Italy. And in addition to that, he/she must have work experience and motivation to go the distance.
  • It is an utter necessity for the students who are pursuing MBA have proficiency in the English language as almost all of the MBA programs in Italy are conducted in the English language. So, a student should be well trained in all the four parts of the English language that is to read, write, speak, and understand the language. For any student whose first language is not English should have to appear for an IELTS or TOEFL exam.
  • It is a must for one to pass the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) to be eligible for an MBA program in Italy. Generally, a considerable amount of high marks is preferable from the student but, although there are no stringent limitations on the minimum score required for admission.
  • On a general basis in Italy, the universities and business schools mostly prefer their students to have a few years of work experience. But nonetheless any fresher with exceptional academic background, and strong personality, test scores are also admitted. Those who have work experience are required to submit a detailed CV and certificate or work experience letter.
  • Reference from the people or a letter of recommendation is a must need from whom the student knows academically professionally. Those need to be provided to the college authorities or university.
  • And at last, to secure admission, all the students have to clear a personal interview conducted by the university or college authorities.

Fee Structure:

The tuition fee for full time and part-time for an MBA program varies according to the type of program and the type of university. But nonetheless, almost all the students who are pursuing an MBA can estimate a structure of fee in between € 20,000 and € 40,000 including scholarships, fee waivers, and financial aid.

Application Procedure:

  • Students should begin with the college or university searching well and should keep an eye on the closing date of receiving the applications.
  • Applications can either be downloaded or filled online and should be used as regular forms. But in either of the ways, the transcripts and the supporting documents should be airmailed to the university or college.
  • The university will take a month or two to get back to the student on the validity of the documents and the application.

Visa Application:

A student visa is a must need for the students to travel to Italy to gain higher education. Students should start with the procedure in advance before the date of arriving in Italy as the process is going to take around two months or it can be more than that. From the Italian Consulates or Embassies situated in different countries of the world, the students can easily have access to all the information, and they need to fill up an application form.

Documents Required:

  • A valid passport/travel document or documents and a valid identity card with visa.
  • Money in the case is needed with traveler’s cheques and credit card.
  • A student has to provide health documents and any other documents related to health insurance.
  • One has to carry the letter of acceptance from the university
  • One needs to provide documentary proof of enough financial means to support himself/ herself during the duration of the course and stay in Italy. 
  • A student has to carry Document or documents ensuring the student’s accommodation details. 

Visa Requirements:

  • Two recent passport size photographs are needed.
  • A complete application form duly and should be signed at the Italian Consulate.
  • A valid passport valid for three months should be there.
  • The student should require a letter of acceptance from school or university in Italy. The letter should indicate the starting date, and end date of the course, place, duration of the course, date of attendance, fee structure.
  • One should need to submit documents or statements stating that the student is a recipient of the scholarship or financial aid.
  • A letter from the bank duly signed by bank official indicating the account number, financial status, and balance should be provided.

Health Insurance Documentary Statement:

When applying for a student’s visa and before leaving for Italy, the student is required to provide the evidence of his/her capability to handle all the possible medical expenses and in order to do so; they need to collect statements from three places:

  1.  From an Italian Embassy or Consulate.
  2. From any private health insurance policy from the home country of the student.
  3. And from an Italian health insurance policy such as Istituto Nazionale delle Assicurazioni (INA) which is an official Italian body.

After all, the essential visa requirements are met, and all the documentary evidence has been provided the Italian Embassy will provide the student with the confirmation of their visa.

Students also need to collect all the residential permit who are non-EU students and are planning to study in for a duration longer than 3 months in Italy. They need to collect the application form from any post office in Italy. After the collection and filling up of the form, they need to submit the application form along with the application fee in the post office. The student will be intimidated by the police to collect their residential permit after the completion of the application process for a residential permit by the post office.

When the most of the prospective students around the world focus their attention on the western nations like The United States of America and Great Britain when the concern is to pursue an MBA program from an international education hub as they provide some of the highest quality classroom experience, without any doubt and they also provide a very practical and arrange a real work setting experience to the students. But this does not conclude that the other famous study nations of the world provide any lesser quality education when compared to the level and quality of global education. Italy has acquired a global reputation as being one of the best institutions for ambitious students to pursue their passion and get an MBA degree in any field of their interest and acquire specialization in that field.

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