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A very current study in the Global Information Technology showing the hike in the literacy rate in Ireland comes with the deep appreciation and encouragement of gaining more and more knowledge. The universities which are funded by the Government have the best research centres and have the top-class facilities and is located in a very beautiful campus. Irish research ranks among the top one percent internationally and is world-class renowned for its opportunities and research facilities. It’s very difficult to get through an Irish MBA course as on 12% of the students make it to that place from all over the students of the world.

Advantages of studying MBA in Ireland:

If one chooses to study MBA in the Universities of Ireland, then one can complete an MBA in a very cheap cost and less time duration if compared to the other developed country’s Universities. The universities in Ireland is mainly known for programmes related to the industry. So in no doubt, it can be completed with the top and best faculties where they polish student to acknowledge the perspective internationally and to learn the rapid changes that are taking place in a global business environment. Not only that with the studies, but students will also get fascinated with Ireland’s rich culture and heritage. The beautiful picturesque view of the city and the warm and friendly nature of the people makes it more lovable to the students so that they want to go there and study.

Course overview:

The main and the most important aim of the MBA programme in Ireland is to inculcate and nourish some particular skill sets and abilities which will help in focusing and understanding the particularities and strategies of business management. The course offers an incredibly unique opportunity to study advanced theory. They also provide the facility, where one can practice anything which can be related to management and they also help in developing an insightful, are for appreciating significance and cause of managing strategy. The course of MBA in Ireland gives one full insight and personal development. It focuses on the three basic developments those are- Academic development, Professional development and most importantly Personal development.

Eligibility Criteria:

To take admission in the MBA programme in Ireland one must need to score high in their honour’s degree or equivalent. With that, work experience of minimum 3 to 5 years is highly demanded. And for proficiency in the English language, one has to score overall of 7.0 in IELTS with an average of 6.5 in each compartment. A score of 550-600 is also required in GMAT.

Fee Structure:

Though the cost can vary depending upon the type of college and programme type but still an estimated cost of getting done with an MBA programme in Ireland is in within the range of €10,000 to €15,000. However, there are some best top-ranking MBA programmes which help at Irish Universities that can easily cost much higher than the normal ones. The cost in those top-ranked universities is within €34,000 – €45,000. But nonetheless, this range of cost is still cheaper when compared to other MBA programs in the United States of America, Britain or other developed European countries.

Visa Requirements:

To study MBA in Ireland, a student has to apply for Visa. Generally, there are two types of Visa available for students who are applying for an MBA program in Ireland. The first one is- C type study visa. This visa is for those students who are going to opt for the course of three months.

The second one is- ‘D type study visa. This visa is for those students who are going to opt for the course of more than three months. One should apply for the study visa much prior to the date of arrival to Ireland.


  • To apply for the study visa one has to complete the online application form on the official website of the Irish Naturalization and Immigration Service. 
  • The student should submit the required documentation by following the instructions, after completing the fill-up of the application form online. 
  • As per the application process, the student may need to give their Biometric information.
  • Depending on the country, the processing time of the application varies. Usually, one gets an answer in four to eight weeks from the date of submission. 
  • It is advisable to avoid buying tickets of your departure until one gets the official confirmation of their visa from the Irish Embassy.

Documents required for the student visa in Ireland:

  • Two current colour passport size photographs
  • A full copy of any of the previous passports and the recent passport.
  • Acceptance letter from the concerned University.
  • With the statement of the reason for coming to Ireland, one must provide a letter of application with full contact details and properly signed.
  • One needs to provide evidence if there is any lapse in history in the education of the student.
  • The student has to provide the documents of all the qualifications in academy including the exam results which are very much required for the study at the University.
  • The students have to provide the certificate of his/her English language proficiency which one must get by giving TOEFL exam in their respective country.
  • The Medical Insurance covers the student at a minimum of 25,000 EUR.
  • One must provide sufficient evidence of having funds which can support the livelihood during the stay in Ireland. And this should be without the inclusion of public funds and part-time employment. 
  • The student must give his/her words in written that they must leave the country as soon as their visa expires.

During one academic year, the average estimation of the costs of a student living in Ireland is 7,000 EUR. And the students who are Non-EEA and whose courses are for less than six months have to prove that they can live at the cost of 500 EUR/month.

There is a lot of flexibility in the courses of MBA which are offered in Ireland. The liberty is in choosing the duration of the course and the module of the course as per one’s convenience. Not only that, although the educational cost is cheap once the course is over each of the students gets high employment job thus making the country’s employability rates higher.

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