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Hyderabad is well known for its image of an academic hub. Being the capital city of Telangana ” Prosperous state for academics”, it has a very good infrastructure which is suitable for management courses like MBA/PGDM. Hyderabad is considered as one of the best destinations for MBA/PGDM aspiring students because of its world-class infrastructure which is very suitable for such courses. It is one of the most growing metropolis city in India. It has a world-class educational infrastructure, good means of transport, supportive native people and well developed and educated society to support the students. All these factors are playing a vital role in making this city famous for MBA aspiring students. Various colleges are here who offer MBA in any discipline such as Human Resource Management, Information Technology, Finance, Marketing, etc.

The attraction of students is due to its marketing also. It is marketed as the heaven for MBA aspiring students. In this article, we will discuss in deep about the factors which influence the name of Hyderabad city among the best for management courses. Since the city has offices of various reputed MNCs like Google India, Amazon Development Centre, etc. they also attract the students for doing management courses from here. One of the benefits for those who are doing an MBA from Hyderabad is, they are gaining the current marketing experience during their study. The colleges are world popular. Many students come from various parts of the world to get a management degree from Hyderabad. Since the colleges are tied up with various companies so students get direct placement in MNCs with higher packages. Some students get offers from two or more companies. Let’s see the other factors who are affecting the educational hub of South India. The city is also very populated. It one of the historical cities of India, these things also improve the name of the city for getting an educational hub tag. The tag is also important for the state because the government of the state is continuously trying to attract the MNCs through its business support programs. As the state is newly separated from Andhra Pradesh, so getting more funds from the central government. Previously it is the capital of Andhra Pradesh. These facts influence to choose this city over another city for doing a management course.

Benefits of doing MBA from Hyderabad:

There are many reasons behind this fact why this city is attracting many MBA aspirants from the whole nation as well as around the world. The benefits are mentioned below:

  • Market Exposure: The students get the chance to perform an intern in various reputed MNC. This makes the resume of the candidate more acceptable as compared with any other. This gives the market exposure to the student during their study.
  • High-Class Infrastructure: The infrastructure of the colleges is well known for their high level. The colleges are well maintained and the infrastructure is also suitable for management courses. This attracts students from other countries too.
  • Placement: As the students are getting market-oriented study courses so it helps them in getting campus placement. All the reputed colleges are tied up with various MNCs, so the students from these colleges are getting placements easily.
  • Government Schemes: The government is also promoting the city as an educational hub. They are introducing various schemes to promote the city. They are organizing industrial meet to get attention from MNCs. MNCs are also considering this city as the newly emerged market. As the city is continuously expanding, hence more companies are coming to establish their offices. These things help in creating a favorable environment for such management courses.

These are the various benefits for those students who are doing their management courses from Hyderabad. The city will become more popular as well as developed in a few years.

MBA Specialization:

  • General Management: This is considered as the all-time best MBA Program as why preferred by many students. It is a more diverse program of MBA courses. The students of General Management Programs learn and experience a variety of management skills at the same time. This makes it a more diverse program of MBA.
  • Information Technology Management: As the city has experienced the work culture of the IT sector so, this management specialization becomes popular in this IT revolution. The government also focuses on develop this city as a popular IT Sector. For this government started various IT parks and approves many schemes to establish this.
  • Strategy Management: Any company needs a strategy to grow. So one of the famous specializations of MBA in Strategy Management. The specialization becomes more popular with time as the competition and Commerce War between the companies has started. The strategy management program includes the specialization for growing any business program.
  • Operation Management: The program focuses on planning and managing the things to maximize the profit and the efficiency of the company. The aspirants who found themselves interested in the chain of a company and its function, they prefer this Management program.
  • Marketing Management: As India is a developing country so any company needs workers with good Marketing skills. Without marketing skills, no company may dare about investing money and utilizing that to connect with people and maximizing their profit.
  • Finance Management: Finance is always important for everything. As we know finance is the backbone behind everything. So, a company needs good financial experts who can manage the finance of the company. So for those who are interested in finance found this specialization much successful as compared with any other.
  • Consulting Management: Consultant is those who are the path between a company and its customers. In business world consulting is very popular as they maximize and connects the company with more people. This directly impacts the growth of the company.
  • International Management: Those aspirants who are thinking for work abroad found this Specialization of MBA program suitable for them. In this, the students learn the various skill to expand the companies in various corners of the world. This helps a company to turn into a Multi-National Company.
  • Entrepreneurship: The government is trying very hard to turn students as Job givers in place of job sicker.As you know the government is also focusing on this. The government is trying very hard to turn students as Job givers in place of job sicker. So every startup needs a fresh idea and the people who came in the market with a new idea and a business plan are known as an entrepreneur. This became more popular in the last few years.
  • Human Resources Management: This is commonly known as HR management. One of the oldest and popular specializations of MBA. HR managers are responsible for finding new workers for their company. They have the responsibility to find out good candidates for their company. HR management is very popular in countries like India and any other developing countries. In cities like Hyderabad, Human Resource management gets priority over other specialization.

Fee Structure for MBA/PGDM courses in Hyderabad:

The living cost of the city is high that’s why this also impacts the fees of various colleges. The students from the city get work experience during their study period and learned a lot of conceptual things regarding business. The colleges are charging more money for MBA/PGDM courses but based on the facilities provided here, the fee structure is very genuine. Colleges also maintain its infrastructure to attract more students. Some of the MBA colleges of Hyderabad are considered well-known colleges for MBA worldwide. That’s why students from different countries came here to do Management courses. However, the fees for MBA courses vary from 5 Lakh per annum to 20 lakhs per annum. It depends on the infrastructure of the college. Based on infrastructure, Placement opportunities, etc fees of the colleges are decided. But based on the quality of education you found that the fee charges from you are genuine. As you are getting placement in reputed MNCs so you have to pay much more than others. You will enjoy your college life as well as get various opportunities to learn various skills. The colleges give real-time job experiences and training to every student so it is more beneficial to do MBA from this city rather than choosing any other city due to high fees.


As usually most of the universities have a bachelor’s degree as a must in eligibility criteria when you are going to get admission in an MBA program. The same criteria are applicable when you are going for admission in PGDM. On the other hand, there are few colleges, those have their own entrance test, which students must have to pass to get admission. While some universities are giving admission to CAT passed students only.

Higher Studies and Placement:

The management students get placement in different companies with higher packages. Sometimes many students get many job offers from different companies. All the colleges are tied up with the industry. Their placement cell is very active and provides better facilities so that the colleges can maintain the identity of 100% placement. Due to the market expose the students are very well prepared to adapt to the work culture. They are aware of every term and condition for the job. They know the working culture of the companies very well.

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