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Goa is a state of India which lies on the west coast of India and this state has very less area and is considered as the smallest state of India. Goa is also known as the best tourism place in India. Goa is one of the states having a small population. Goa has a lot of tourist places that attract a large no of tourists every year than any other Indian state. Goa’s GDP per capita is higher than of all the states of India and it is considered as the best-placed state due to its amazing infrastructure. After graduation, many students go for MBA for better job opportunities which help to land you a high-income job.

In this article, we will guide why Goa is the best state in India to do an MBA. Goa is one of the best places in India to do the MBA/ PGDM program. MBA/ PGDM in Goa has an amazing scope as there are several best management institutes of India which have an amazing infrastructure for better education and research. Goa provides the best career opportunities for the MBA/ PGDM students as it has a lot of industries that are growing at a faster rate.

Doing MBA/ PGDM in Goa provides you with the best job opportunities as it is an industrial area and every industry needs a management team for its growth which generates huge employment for the MBA students. Also, the Industries in Goa are one of the top industries in India which pay large checks to its employees. MBA students can earn a high income in Goa by working for the industries or by starting their own business. Not only this, Goa is having huge growth in different sectors such as industrial, tourism and educational sector which also provide several part-time jobs to the students who want to work in their spare time.

MBA specializations in Goa:

MBA is a 2-year post-graduate program which teaches a student about various management subjects in their first year and then the student has to choose a specific specialization for its second year. Choosing the best specialization is challenging for some students while some students chose it with ease. Some of the specializations are in huge demand while some have less scope, so choosing a specialization must be done wisely. There are several specializations under the MBA program which are listed below:

1.      Finance:

In the present era, every industry works and grow following some finance principles. Knowledge of finance is a must for every individual. The finance management team handles the challenges related to financial problems. MBA in finance teaches you the various financial theories and how to apply these principles in the real-world to tackle various business problems. Students interested in finance can do MBA in finance management. Also, an MBA in financial management has a good scope for better career opportunities and increment.

2.      Telecom management:

The telecom industry is one of the largest industries in India and this industry has marked a huge growth in recent years. These types of industries need a huge number of employees thus generating more employment for the people. The telecom industries need a professional management team which provides bright career opportunities to the students of MBA. As there are several telecom industries in Goa, so doing MBA in Goa will provide the best scope for this specialization. Students interested in this area can go for MBA in telecom management.

3.      Human resource management:

 For the smooth coordination and working of a company, a human resource management department comes into play. The human resource management department tends to solve the disagreements between the employees and the management which thus creates a better environment for working. The human resource management team manages the employees and available resources of the company in a way such that the productivity and growth of the company are enhanced. Students who are good at communication and at influencing others can go for this specialization. MBA in human resource management provides bright future career options to the students.

4.      Information technology:

 IT industries are one of the largest growing industries in India as in the present era, everything is online. IT industries are large industries that require a huge number of employees and also, these are the highest paying industries offering its employees good packages. Goa has several IT industries that generate huge employment and better career opportunities for management/ MBA students. In this specialization, students are taught technical education and business education. Students interested in this field can go for MBA in this specialization.

5.      Consultation:

This is one of the favorite specializations among MBA students. As there are a lot of companies in India, and all these companies face challenges related to the business and the growth of the company. To solve these problems, every company requires perfect consultation. So this specialization offers great career opportunities and is known for high profile jobs. Also, the pay in this area is higher than most of the specializations. Students are interested in this area can for MBA in Consultation.

6.      Marketing:

MBA in marketing teaches market skills to the students. This specialization includes various business principles and techniques which help a company to maintain its high position and reaching the top position in a market. Market skills are very important whether you are going to start your own business or you are working in a company. Students interested in marketing can go for MBA in Marketing.

7.      Rural development and management:

This specialization includes learning management principles and then using them for the development of rural areas. This specialization teaches various skills to analyze the area, then plan and organize resources for the development of the rural areas. This field has a growing scope in India as it is a developing country. So to develop these areas we need rural development and management teams. So this specialization provides the best job opportunities to the management/ MBA students. Students interested in this field can go for MBA in rural development and management.

8.      Network and data management:

As with the help of the internet, we can now store a large amount of data online which is also very cost-effective. So every company prefers to store their data online which is also very safe to store. To manage all the data, every company needs a network and data management team, thus generating large employment. There is a huge scope in this area as career advancements in this sector are more than in other areas. Students interested in this area can go for MBA in network and data management.

9.      Healthcare and hospitality management:

 In this specialization, various management techniques are taught to the students. In every city, there are several healthcare systems which require proper management system to work. For managing these healthcare systems, there is a management department which consists of management professionals. So this area generates huge employment for the management students. Students interested in this area can go for MBA in healthcare and hospitality management.

10.  Entrepreneurship:

In Entrepreneurship, students are taught various business principles, market skills and everything that is required to run your own business. Students can do their start-up or can work in a company. Although, this specialization produces more job givers than job seekers, students interested in doing business can go for it.


Every program whether it is a graduation degree or post-graduation degree has a certain eligibility criterion which must be fulfilled by the candidate to get admission into the program. The eligibility criterion for MBA/ PGDM is graduation. Also, there are a lot of colleges in Goa which conduct a specific test for admission into their institute but there are some colleges that give direct admission based on the marks of the graduation. The candidate should have at least 50% marks in graduation.

Fees Structure for MBA/ PGDM in Goa:

As in Goa, there are a lot of best management institutes that have an amazing infrastructure for learning and research. Some colleges charge high for an MBA/ PGDM program, the rates are usually based on the infrastructure of the college and the facilities provided to the students. But there are some colleges which provide education at an affordable price. Also, the institutes which charge high rates have tied up with several big companies that come to college campuses every year to hire the students for them. The average fee of an MBA/ PGDM program in Goa ranges from 1 Lakh per annum to more than 10 Lakhs per annum. Students can choose the best management institute for MBA/ PGDM in Goa depending upon their budget.

Higher studies and placements:

After an MBA, there are a lot of job opportunities to go for which earns you big packages. But if the student wants to go for higher studies, then Goa has several best management institutes which provide the best educational infrastructure for higher studies and these institutes focus on students to get amazing placements. Students can also go for research.


Also, students can apply for scholarship exams which are conducted by these institutes which provide a 10% fee reduction to full fee reduction. The relaxation in fee is provided to the SC/ ST and OBC students.

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