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Germany is well-known for technology, education, research, and innovation. So today we are going to talk about studying in Germany as an Indian student. We will tell you mainly about the MBA course in Germany. We will talk about various aspects of education there in Germany. How it is beneficial to do MBA in Germany for Indian students to how to apply for Germany student visa, everything will be provided in this post for you. So if you are willing to go abroad for higher education, especially if you want to go to Germany for an MBA then this post is definitely for you. You just have to follow the proper guidelines.

Why should you do MBA in Germany:

As an Indian student, you want to achieve your career goals globally. That is why you want to do MBA in Germany. That is the reason for you why you have chosen Germany for your MBA. But there are a lot of reasons behind this single reason that you have. The main reason is the world’s top-class universities are situated in Germany and they are providing world-class facilities for the students. Other than this the good news for all of you is that most of the universities in Germany are not charging any tuition fees from students. These are mainly the publicly funded Universities. Students only have to pay a fee at the start of the session in the university, this fee is known as Administration fee. Not only the education system of Germany attracts international students towards it but also the financial image that Germany has worldwide is influencing international students.

Cheap but Quality Education:

One of the special features that the education system in Germany has is a Blocked Account. When you will arrive in Germany as an International student, the University or the Business school will ask you to open a Student loan account in a local bank. After that, they will ask you to deposit the amount for your expenses of living, travel, and education in your account. This amount is almost more than 8500 Euros. After that, this amount is blocked in a blocked account. Then that amount will be divided in the months, for the period that students have to spend there. Now the student can withdraw a set amount every month. This account is called a blocked account.

However, higher education is cheaper in Germany compared to other European countries. Some government-run universities are providing free higher education to the students. But on the other side, the living cost is more than the other countries. For an average student, the basic living cost would be around 800 to 1000 Euros per month.

MBA courses offered in Germany:

In Germany, you will find the education system a little bit different than the Indian education system. The German Universities, Business Schools and Institutes are providing so many types of MBA specialization course. You can easily choose the best one according to your desire and career goals. You should also consider your background before choosing the right MBA specialization course. German institutions are offering admissions for MBA twice in a year. They offer admissions in January and September both.

MBA in Arts Management:

A lot of students come to Germany for MBA in Arts Management. MBA in Arts Management has sub-specializations for the students those are willing to be hired on managerial posts in the Arts sector.

MBA in Strategic Management:

Strategies are the main thing in companies these days. With the right strategies, businesses grow rapidly. That is why companies paying a high salary for Managerial posts in strategic management.

MBA in International Business Management:

As you are going to study abroad, then maybe you are interested to be hired by companies overseas. That is why most of the students prefer an MBA in International Business Management in Germany.

MBA in Finance Management:

One of the most opted specialization courses in MBA in Germany. Most of the Indian and Asian students are choosing this course for their career.

MBA in Startups and Small Businesses:

As India is now innovating new ideas and making an effort to grow the startups and small businesses then this course has also become an important one for the students those are coming to Germany for an MBA.

MBA in Environmental Management:

Whether it is a production unit or any other business entity, environmental management is necessary for every business unit. So the demand for Managerial posts in Environmental Management is at a peak level. So many students go for this course in Germany.

MBA in Supply Chain:

Supply and Demand are the two bases of any Business. So if you are well versed in both of these chains then you are maybe fit for some high managerial posts. For this, you can go to Germany and there you can get admission in MBA in Supply chain.

MBA in Operations Management:

Operations Management is one of the top courses Indian students go for in Germany. So if you are also coming to Germany. You should consider this one seriously. Get more information about this course, how is it useful for all the students.

MBA in Industrial Management:

Not only the Operations and Industrial management is necessary but also the overall industry management is required in the corporate sector. For this, you have to be an MBA in Industrial management. In Germany, there are a lot of universities offering MBA in Industrial Management.

MBA in Technology Management:

Technology is used everywhere, whether it is a small business or startup or a multinational company. The companies are using technology and for managing technology setup they are hiring people with an MBA in Technology Management.

MBA in Tourism Management:

You may know that tourism is a growing sector worldwide. In Germany, they are paying a lot of attention to it. So you can opt for this course if you love traveling and helping those are travelling.

MBA in Healthcare Management:

Helping others is one of the best jobs available out there in the world. In healthcare or medical sector, you will get that opportunity. If you are well familiar with the healthcare management then you should do MBA in Healthcare Management in Germany.

MBA in Transportation Management:

The transportation sector is active since the beginning of the businesses in ancient times. Still, it is very important. That is why the top universities of Germany are paying a lot of attention toward Transportation management and they are providing best courses such as MBA in Transportation Management.

Eligibility for MBA in Germany:

Various Universities in Germany are having their set standards for eligibility. For instance, some universities may have work experience to be required as an eligibility criterion. While on the other hand, some universities may be offering an MBA for Bachelor’s Degree holders. Other than this your bachelor’s degree must be equivalent to the German’s bachelor’s degree. International students must pass out one of the two international language courses such as IELTS and TOEFL. While the GMAT, GRE and some other Tests like DAF and DSH are also required in some Universities.

How to get Germany Student Visa:

As same as other European countries Germany will allow you to stay without a residence permit up to three months only as a student. However, you may need a short stay visa for three months in the student’s category. On the other hand, if you have to stay more than three months then you have to get a residence permit along with the student Visa. To get a residence permit you have to prove the visa officer that you have enough money to survive there in Germany. You have to show up to Euro 8,220 per annum or up to Euro 750 per month. Then you will be issued a residence permit which will be valid for up to two years.

After the two years, you have to renew your residence permit. For residence permit, you have to pay Euro 110. You have to apply for the visa after paying visa fees amount which is currently Euro 60. You have to apply for the visa after you get the admission letter from the German University. Then you have to fill the Application form for National Visa. After that, an appointment for Visa interview will be scheduled for you at the German Mission. After a successful interview with the German Mission, you will have to pay the visa fee and you are done. You can apply in German Embassy situated at New Delhi, German Consulate General in Chennai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, and Mumbai. Other than this you can go to Visa and Consular Department, Mumbai also.


Like other top universities of the world, the top universities in Germany are also offering a lot of Scholarship schemes for the international student those are willing to get admission in MBA. If you are also looking for some scholarships for your MBA course in Germany. Then you are at the right place. Because here we are going to help you with the scholarships. These scholarships are provided by universities while some scholarships are just provided by State itself. Also, there are some different criteria for every scholarship scheme.

Global Study Awards:

As same as other European countries Germany’s top universities are also providing this prestigious scholarship to the students. This scholarship is based on merit. It is for the students those want to pursue MBA from Germany. Encouraging students can get up to 10,000 GBP. it is awarded with the assistance of the British council.

Central Sector Scheme of National Overseas Scholarships:

Not only the British Council and German Govt. is providing the scholarships but also the Indian Government is helping students by providing them scholarship schemes. This Central Sector Scheme of National Overseas Scholarship is provided by the Government of India to the international students. Students can avail up to USD 33,800.

The Financial Sumo Educational Scholarship Program:

This financial aid is provided to a single student every year in MBA course. So, if you are lucky then who knows that you get this scholarship scheme for you in Germany while going for the MBA course. This scheme is provided by the Financial Sumo.

Broker Fish International Student Scholarships:

This scholarship scheme can provide the students up to USD 1,000. Every year Broker Fish is providing this scholarship scheme to an international student pursuing their MBA course in Germany.

Go Clean Scholarships:

You just have to write on Environmental issues and you will get this scholarship in your hand. The maximum amount they give to a student every year selected for the scholarship is up to USD 3,500. So, if you have innovative ideas on the topic ‘how to keep the environment green and clean’ then this scholarship scheme is just for you.

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