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France is at the top of the list of European countries in terms of education. This country is becoming a student’s first choice after the UK. Yes, it is the most favored country by Indian students also. Thousands of Indian students go to France for education. Especially, when we talk about the MBA, which stands for Master of Business Administration. So, if you are also planning to study abroad then maybe France will be the country where you would like to go. There are so many reasons that you must go to France for higher studies. There are reasons that the top universities in the world are there in France. France is also following the agenda for better higher education as same as the UK is already following. So, after the UK the second choice of students for Higher study in any European country is France.

Why Should You Do MBA in France:

As we have stated earlier that there are a lot of reasons behind it that why should you do an MBA in France. MBA duration in France varies in all universities. Some business schools offer two years of course. On the other hand, some universities are offering 16 months long MBA crash course. There are also some MBA diplomas available with one-year duration. The Fee structure for MBA courses is around 5000 EUR to 7000 EUR per year. The basic reasons are the educational environment of the top universities, the top universities of the world are in France, the availability of a variety of specialization courses in MBA and a lot. You may find that the top officials of some MNC’s are studied in France. There are a lot of corporate personalities that pursued their MBA degree from France. Along with this, we are going to tell you that there are a lot of scholarship schemes for all of you guys. With such scholarship schemes, you will get a lot of concession in fee structure. Other than this French Universities have a lot of high-level facilities for students in their campuses.

Official Agreements for Quality Education:

All of the European countries sign some official agreements for providing quality education to the students. France is one of such countries that have signed such agreements. The agreement in which France has involvement is the BOLOGNA Process. It is named BOLOGNA because it was signed in 1999 at the University of Bologna. More than fifty countries are involved in this BOLOGNA Process.

MBA Courses Offered in France:

As same as other countries famous for education, France is also providing a lot of courses to the students those came for education in France. As we have said that not only MBA but students from various countries come to France get admissions in Bachelor, Masters or Doctorate courses. So there are so many specializations offered in France if we talk about the MBA. Having an MBA degree is good to start a career in Business Management. That is why students are always so much worried when they are choosing the right MBA course for them. If you are also confused and you don’t know which MBA course you have to do there in France, then you are at the right place. Because here we are providing a list of top MBA courses. Following is the List: –

MBA in HR Management:

Every company or establishment hire people, and to hire and fire people they need an HR department. If you are a person with a friendly nature, social personality, and you have a human problem-solving mind then this MBA course in France is the best option for you. Top Universities in France are offering this course. The best thing is that you can find an MBA HR course at France’s top university.

MBA in Business Analytics:

Maybe you don’t know that having an MBA in Business Analytics is the best way to get hired at a high position in a company. If you are an MBA in Business Analytics degree holder, you will get a job at a higher position than the other MBA degree holders. But when you complete your MBA in France then there are a lot of chances that you will get a nice and comfortable job with handsome salary.

MBA in Finance Management:

If you are from Finance background and you want to bring it along with you in your career, then why don’t you get admission in MBA in Finance Management. In France, there are a lot of Universities offering MBA in Finance Management. You can find top Business schools and Management Colleges of Europe in France. The best thing about having a degree of MBA in Finance is that you will get a job in almost every sector and if you scored well in MBA, then who knows what you are going to be hired by top Multinational companies of the World.

MBA in Marketing Management:

Marketing is the key to success for almost every product and company. Companies these days are paying a lot of attention to the marketing of their products. So, you may know how important is to manage marketing for these companies. Universities in France are completely familiar with it. That is why they are offering MBA in Marketing Management courses to the students. A lot of students come from India and other Asian countries to get admission in this course.

MBA in Travel and Tourism Management:

Tourism plays an efficient role in the economy of India and France also. Also, there are a lot of opportunities in this globally growing sector. If you are an MBA degree holder in Travel and Tourism Management, then the country barriers will not annoy you anymore. Who knows which company of which country will hire you and deploy you were. So, if you love travelling then you must go with this course. France is providing an awesome educational environment in this course.

MBA in Aviation Management:

Aviation is a rapidly growing sector. A lot of students want to make a career in Aviation. That is why top Universities of the world are providing MBA in Aviation Management so that students can get a quality education and get hired by top companies in the Aviation sector. So many top universities in the world are there in France. So you can choose France for your MBA in Aviation Management.

MBA in Digital Marketing:

As a youth who uses digital mediums, devices for your needs, entertainment, etc. you may know that digital marketing is the main tool of companies selling services, products or anything else. If you are in the business of Marketing and you are not digital marketing as your necessary tool, then according to business guru’s you are going wrong. So digital marketing has a lot of scope for the students those hold a degree of MBA in Digital Marketing.

MBA in Healthcare Management:

You have ever dreamt of working in the Healthcare sector. But unfortunately, you have not chosen a medical subject while you studied. But doing an MBA in Healthcare Management will allow you to get hired by top companies, hospitals, and health care organizations. On the other hand, if you have a background in healthcare management, then this course is a must for you. You can go on this course. In France, MBA in Healthcare Management is one of the top courses chosen by MBA students.

MBA in IT:

Information Technology is growing everywhere in the world. Not only France but in every developing or developed country Information Technology is very important. So if you are going to France to get admission in MBA, then you can opt for MBA in IT. This course will lead your work with technology geeks and tech-savvy people. Working with such kind of people is fun. You can do MBA in IT in France’s top universities.

MBA in Media Management:

Not only in India but Media influences the whole world with its power of spreading news, content, infographics, etc. So if you are also looking for a job in the Media sector. Then France’s top universities have the best option for you as an MBA in Media Management.

Eligibility for Admission in MBA in France:

Like other countries, France also has some requirements and eligibility standards for the students those want to get Admission in MBA in any of the University of French Business school. So here we are going to tell you about the rules that you have to follow, the terms that you have to follow and the eligibilities that you must have in you to get admission in MBA in France. Some of the eligibility criteria vary upon Universities and some criteria are only for the students coming across the world which means international students.

Language Testing:

TOEFL or IELTS: TOEFL which stands for Test Of English As a Foreign Language and IELTS which stands for International English Language Testing System, are necessary to accomplish before you get admission in MBA course in France as an International student. You must have passed at least one of the above-said both Language testing systems. You must have achieved defined scores by the universities or the business schools of France.


Most of the Universities in France are having this requirement. They want the candidates to have work experience. Most of the Universities are asking for at least four years of work experience. However, different Universities have different requirements. Some Business schools ask for only 2 years of work experiences.

Other Tests:

Other than the Work Experience and the Language Tests some other tests are necessary to be qualified in some universities. However, some universities don’t ask for such exams or tests. These tests include GMAT or GRE and various local tests for international students.

Application for France Student Visa:

As same as other countries you have to get a student visa to go there and study in France. There are different types of student visas in France for international students. These visas are of different duration.

Visa de court séjour pour etudes (‘Schengen’ short-stay student visa):

This student visa in France is the shortest. It is just for three months. You don’t need any residence visa along with it. Just get this short visa and you can study in France for three months.

Visa de long séjour temporaire pour etudes (temporary long-stay visa):

This visa is the same as the above-said short visa but the only difference you will have is the duration of the stay. You can stay for three months to six months while you have this student visa. That is why it is called a long-stay student visa. You don’t need residence permit along with it.

Visa de long séjour etudes (long-stay visa):

This kind of student visa is also known as VLT-TS. It is as long as your course. So if you are doing MBA in France then this visa will let you stay long as your 2 year MBA course.

How to Apply for France Student Visa:

Now you want to know the procedure of Visa application. You can apply on your own or you can go to a travel agent who is authorized by the Embassy of France, New Delhi. There are two phases of visa application for students those want to go to France. The first phase is at the embassy where you have to submit photocopies of your documents and the second phase will be completed at campus France. You have to provide two photocopies of documents for the visa application. List of documents required for France student Visa can be found on the website of the Embassy of France. First of all, you will have to appear in an interview which will be held by Campus France through some electronic mediums and then you have to submit documents with VFS. After that, you have to log on to and register there completely. You will be provided with a File Number there, which you have to hand over to a Campus France office. They will review your file and will give an appointment date. After that, you will have to appear for the academic interview with the campus France advisor along with mandatory documents. After successfully getting Interview completion certificate at the end you will have to appear in an appointment with VFS-France for documentation.

France Student Visa Cost:

France Student Visa cost may vary from time to time. But currently, they charge EUR 50 as Visa Processing Charge. On the other hand, you have to pay handling fees/charges which will be around Rs. 1467. France Visa Application Centres are in New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Goa, Chennai, and Puducherry. If you want to avail courier facility, then pay Rs. 300.

Scholarships in France:

There are a lot of scholarship schemes in France for international students. Some of the scholarships are provided by the Government itself. However, most of the universities also giving scholarships to the students. Global study Awards, Inlaks Scholarships, BrokerFish International Student Scholarship, Go Clean Scholarship, Central Sector Scheme of National Overseas Scholarship, etc. are some of the top scholarship schemes to help students.

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