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India has a wide variety of resources spreading across its territory. With a widespread land, climate and language changes, so do the culture. With moderate conditions in the down south to extreme weather in Kashmir, India is full of variety. Technology has spread its root all over India including best destinations to live in i.e. the mountains. Mountains do provide a soothing environment and what better than having quality education is such a place. Yes, it will be a treat in all. Same is the city of Dehradun.  

Dehradun, located in the state of Uttarakhand has its own rich culture and heritage. Located between the mountains this city has become a tourist destination. With the economy thriving this city provides the best facilities to the visitors with every innovative technique arriving in the country. Dehradun is not only known for the natural beauty and the purity it carries, but it is also known for the amount of advancement this city has brought up in recent times. Dehradun is also a big hub for educational institutes, be it in any field. Dehradun, a prime location in several aspects, the primary being its reach among the remote areas of hills and its connectivity with the rest of India. Dehradun is well connected with Railways, Road and Airport. These features and strong economic base makes it a very attractive place for big companies as they too find a wider spectrum of the customer in the remote areas of the country who are hungry enough to come in the mainstream of India also mini-cities that are located here and there is a major area of growth for them.

  • Benefits of doing MBA from Dehradun:

Dehradun, as stated, is very well connected to the world gives you more opportunities in various big firms. Most of the big companies have their regional head offices in Dehradun itself. This makes these companies select individuals from that same city itself. Also, the colleges over here are quite well known hence these colleges have a big alumni base and many big companies do visit these colleges regularly for placements and hire well-trained individuals.

  • MBA Specialisations:

MBA has many programmes with its domain that include a few popular courses like General Management, Operational Management, Marketing Management, Finance Management etc.

General Management:

It is an MBA program which relies on overall management skill development ranging making you compatible with any kind of situation that might arise in the company. It might range anything from man management to money management. Every small aspect of the corporate world that deals with realisation and usage of resources are dealt with expertise in these domains.

Operational Management:

If you be interested in knowing what it takes to run a big firm, such course is for you, these provide you with ample knowledge of how, to begin with, a small firm and make it grow big. All those methods required to train an individual to make it wise enough to use all the resources to its best is the sole aim of this kind of course. It, however, focusing on the process to grow a big firm if you be interested in the process to grow a firm this is a tailor-made course for you.

Marketing Management:

How does a company grow? By its publicity, the more the people are aware of it the more is the profit for such a firm. Thus, marketing and spreading its reach is important for such companies. In these types of programmes, the emphasis is laid on making an individual learn more about the promotional aspect of the corporate world while making the best use of the resources available.

Finance Management:

What is the backbone of a particular firm? It is its economic condition. The economy of any firm determines the profit and the amount of widespread technology it can use to maximise its product. To manage every single penny and make the best out of it is important for every farm ranging from medium business to the larger ones. Hence having the know-how to spend every resource and also tracking every single expenditure and analysing it is the main aim of such a course.

Consulting Management:

Acting as a bridge between the needs of the customer and the company and making them aware of the products and feedback from the customer is the main aim of such courses. Knowing ways and methods to develop such a structure and making arrangements according to the money available is the main focus of such a course.

  • Eligibility:

There are certain eligibility criteria which a student need to fulfil to join an MBA course in any business school in Dehradun. Let’s have a glance at the eligibility criteria:

  • Basic eligibility includes a bachelor’s degree in any field, science, arts, commerce or engineering.
  • Also, to join a business school, a candidate needs to crack through entrance examinations like CAT, GMAT, MAT, XAT, ATMA, etc.
  • Fee Structure:

Located in the peaceful valley of the Himalayas this city provides you with the best infrastructure as well as the environment to pursue your MBA. Having all the modern facilities these colleges provide you with a broader base to even bigger prospect and thereby promising you a bright future ahead. Being located in the Himalayas, the overall cost to these colleges is comparatively lesser than the cost that is available for the same course in the metro cities. This is an ultimate benefit for the students that these courses are available not only at a cheaper cost but in a peaceful environment that soothes you and makes you work with better efficiency. These colleges provide scholarship for meritorious students. The fees in these colleges widely vary from 1 lakh per semester to 10 lakhs per annum.

  • Higher studies and Placement:

This city also has a wide range of colleges having different streams. There are several colleges with in the city with research profile. These research-oriented colleges tend to provide an even better base for you to start your research on your topic of interest instead of joining any big firm. Being located among the Himalayas and having access to various remote or mini-cities of India, Dehradun offers you an even better place for having your start-up thereby making you a job creator instead of being a job getter.

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