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MBA stands for Master of Business Administration, which is an exceptionally esteemed degree intended to build up the abilities required for vocations in business and the executives. Achieving an MBA enables you to figure out how to effectively oversee, lead, sort out and adjust in an assortment of business conditions. The abilities learned through an MBA program set you up with down to earth aptitudes just as hypothetical information that you can assist your business desires with. An MBA can interpret your crude potential into extraordinary chances. A Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) is a recognition course offered by the organizations that are perceived by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and which are self-governing and not associated with any college. Be that as it may, accreditation by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) makes an organization’s PGDM course comparable to an MBA. Even though there are similitudes between the educational program of both, contrasts exist too. An understudy seeking after MBA will think about a greater amount of the hypothetical parts of the executives. An MBA foundation will pursue a fixed educational plan as it will be founded on the college rules.

An understudy seeking after a PGDM course will pick up learning concerning building delicate abilities and the program is more industry-situated. A self-ruling organization does not need to pursue college measures, so it is allowed to change its educational program as indicated by industry gauges and change in the business condition. The course helps us to attain a senior level position in an organization.

Benefits of doing MBA/PGDM in Cochin, Kerala:

Rousing Environment: Given that you are concentrating on a rumored school, you would have a great deal of spurring elements like exceptionally focused understudies, hyper fruitful alumni, empowering staff and some more. These can spike you into high reasoning and activity.

Stronger Connections: Given that you are concentrating on a presumed school, you would have a ton of spurring variables like profoundly focused understudies, hyper-effective alumni, empowering staff and some more. Better Networks: Being the main organization, the school of your decision would be all around associated with various top undertakings. Likewise, the

built-up graduated class system, and relationship with other driving schools, and so on will furnish you with a chance to build up a decent system of individual MBA graduates, business minds when you graduate. These can spike you into high reasoning and activity.

Huge Platform: Top organizations are consistently vigilant for good ability and it is assumed that the best ability frequently moves on from top schools. Along these lines, you will undoubtedly encounter a higher number of chances. Not only quickly as grounds interviews, yet profound into the future at whatever point you utilize the name of your school.

Vital business approach: Most graduates are not exactly capable of moving toward key decisions at an abnormal state. It comes with hypothetical learning as well as true involvement. Given that the city has various organizations from various levels; it would be generally simple for an energetic MBA understudy to increase genuine information.

A versatile solution to changing business situations: Businesses flourish or whither relying upon their capacity to adjust to new business difficulties and conditions. As an MBA understudy in a top school at Cochin, you would almost certainly figure out how you can adopt a versatile strategy to changing business situations.

Educational and Economical importance of Cochin:

Kerala is the most taught state in India. The education pace of Kerala is about 94.3%. Cochin, one of the most significant cities of Kerala, exceeds expectations in the proficiency pace of the entire state. In the wake of clearing the essential obstacle, the understudies in Cochin have a lot of choices for their higher investigations. It holds a big number of reputed institutions to replenish our careers.

The economy of Cochin can be named a business economy with an accentuation on the administration area. Real business areas incorporate development, fabricating, shipbuilding, transportation/delivery, fish and flavors sends out, synthetic ventures, data innovation (IT), the travel industry, wellbeing administrations, and banking. Cochin is one of the main Tier-II goals for IT and ITES organizations in the country. The Info Park advanced by the Government of Kerala is home to organizations like TCS, Wipro, Cochin has a settled Electronics Hardware Industry.

V-Guard Industries, the market chief in voltage stabilizers.

MBA Specialization Courses in Cochin:

Logistic Management: It is derived from supply chain management that plans, executes, and controls the proficient, compelling forward, and turn around stream and capacity of merchandise, benefits, and related data between the purpose of starting point and the purpose of utilization to meet client’s prerequisites. Post Graduate Diploma in Logistics Management Course offers a top to bottom learning of coordination. This program is perfect for understudies who wish to propel their profession in the coordination business.

Port Management: It is the administration of ports where enormous ports need to manage various unique exercises: the development of boats, compartments, and other freight, the stacking, and emptying of boats and holders, traditions exercises.

Shipping Management: A significant piece of oceanic traffic supervision and the executives, including the enlistment and the executives of boats, visa of boats entering and leaving the port, the executives of outside vessels, transport upkeep the board and specialized ship the board.

Tourism Management: This course is regularly offered as neighborliness and the travel industry the executives. It outfits you with a nitty-gritty the travel industry situation. You learn administrative abilities, critical thinking, imparting aptitudes.

The travel world has three zones:

Business organization capacities, for example, fund, HR, and promoting. The executive speculations and standards.

The travel industry themes, for example, travel inspiration, ecological variables, and travel industry associations.

Finance Management: It acquaints competitors with money related administration speculations and monetary choice instruments and practices that help them to translate fiscal reports, plan, and measure execution through spending plans and distinctive budgetary techniques, make monetary choices. It incorporates subjects with an accentuation on Money, Credit and Banking, Business and Finance, Taxation and Public Finance, Principles of Banking and Corporation Finance, Principles of Investments.

Eligibility criteria for pursuing an MBA in Cochin:

Bachelor’s degree in any subject with 50% marks in total. A score of CMAT/CAT/KMAT

There are several qualifying examinations conducted for the selection procedure of MBA’s. The first one is CMAT which stands for Common Management Admission Test and is an online PC based national-level confirmation test for encouraging establishments to choose reasonable understudies for affirmation in all administration projects endorsed by AICTE. So is CAT i.e.

Common Admission Test which is the biggest exam for MBA in India. The third one is KMAT which holds hands with a particular location.

Fee Structure:

As the charge, the structure is one of the criteria which an understudy remembers before going for confirmation in a specific school. The tuition fee pattern is a mixture of high and low structure. Few colleges have based around Rs. 4 lakhs whereas few may go up to Rs. 10 lakhs too. While looking into the fee structure one must also focus on the logistics too. The good part

of it is that the stay and food are available at an affordable and efficient rate, plus the quality is also maintained at a standard.

But the best part among these heights are the scholarships and grants. It will be discussed in the later section.


If worked accordingly there is a surety of a great future ahead. Very high packages are offered to deserving students. Loads of companies visit to recruit the students. Various internships are also provided which acts as an add-on during placements. The session goes along these lines that understudies are employed generally for good advertising abilities and good correspondence skills. English capability recorded as a hard copy and talking is additionally an absolute necessity to get a placement. Students, for the most part, get placed. The scariest part of understudies is the distinction between the most elevated students and normal students. An enormous hole between the most astounding and normal situation students in their arrangement reports. This marvel makes the question whether the MBA normal compensation in arrangement reflects the right picture of high situation bundles or with 1 or 2 high position bundles, the MBA schools have attempted to portray high packages for all on an average. The school is chivalrous enough.


A deserving candidate can avail of these opportunities. Pretty much every B School in Cochin offers grants which lessen the charges. The particular scholarship page of the college has the full detail of the methods and conditions to avail of the scholarship. There is an ample number of scholarships provided to the students. There is a separate scholarship for and domicile holders and outsiders. Also, several exams are conducted to provide equal opportunity to the students to avail of the scholarship. Every institution has its scholarships, in addition to it are the govt.

Provided scholarship.

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