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Study MBA/ PGDM in Chennai

India has been developing rapidly in the field of education as seen in past years and there has been a fairly stimulated hike in the number of prominent institutes and those becoming mass job givers or takers. It not only takes a big dig to farm out professionals but it also takes a fair bit of patience to learn what an outcome of such time and money will result in. We have many developed cities all over the country but most prominent and often regarded as the metro cities of India. These cities not only provide a good base to several educational institutes but also serve as good technological backgrounds for beginners and thereby helping them to develop an even better future. One of the 4 mega cities aka metro cities is Chennai.

Chennai is located in the southern part of India in the state of Tamil Nadu. Chennai has a rich cultural heritage of the city, as well as connect the international airport, well-connected railway network with a major railway station within the city. Chennai is located close to the seashore has a fairly large harbour allowing a large amount of import and export across the city and thereby consolidating the economy of the city. Being rich in every aspect of resources this city has all the basic infrastructure required for sustainable development of any institute and has, therefore, become a solid ground for various fields be it IT, automobiles etc every type of firm and start-up has been originated in Chennai and is flourishing today. Mainly because of this reason the city of Chennai has been home to many training institutes be it in the field of engineering, business management, hospitality or any other. The trained personnel thereafter go in companies as professionals and secure their future.

  • Benefits of studying MBA from Chennai:

 Chennai being very well connected to the world gives you more opportunities in various MNCs. Many of these companies have their regional head offices in this city. Hence these companies will look to hire professional close to the city in which they are located. Also, this city has a perfect blend of Modernisation and Technology. This city is technologically advanced and opens up an even wider spectrum of choices for an individual. Chances of getting interns in these institutes are fairly high and this certainly helps in the time of placement which in turn gives you a stable job. It provides you with ample work experience for an individual to grow in terms of experience.

  • MBA Specialisations:

MBA focuses on several kinds of personal skill development as in General Management, Operational Management, Marketing Management, Finance Management etc.

General Management:

It is an MBA program in which skills regarding the overall management of human resources, materials and every other aspect of firm management is taught to the trainees. Diversity in every field of management provides a wider perspective to what exactly management in any kind of situation can turn out to be.

Operational Management:

It is an MBA program where the focus is made on handling scenarios arising in any company. Be it management of profit, turnover or be it how to maximise profit. It, however, focuses on the process involved within a company so if you be interested in knowing insights of the company can opt for such a course.

Marketing Management:

A program which focuses itself on the widespread reach of a particular company be it in terms of publicity through ads etc. It focuses on managing funds efficiently to gain even larger reach throughout the country.

Finance Management:

The program focuses on managing the finance of the firm knowing a deep knowledge of what market demands and all those permutations and combinations required to maximise the turnover and profit for every firm. Finance interested candidates can directly opt for it. The future scope of such field lies in every corporate office that needs to find out the best ways to invest their resources.

Consulting Management:

These act as mediators between a company and customer making it possible for the company to reach even bigger markets and also making customers find the apt solution to their needs. Dealing with the customer will be the main ingredient in such a course.

  • Fee Structure:

Being in a metro city, colleges in Chennai are full-fledged with every facility and needs for day to day life. When we are provided with every kind of facility prices are expected to be a bit costlier than normal cities. This city is already fledged with prestigious colleges and graduating from such a college increases your net worth and makes you more competent towards the outer world. Prestigious colleges provide you with more exposure towards the corporate world hence with these professional values they demand more money. Companies also look for candidates having multi-talents and are not only refrained to their streams but also have knowledge of other stuff. These colleges help you in developing an overall character making you compatible in every kind of surrounding. These colleges provide scholarship for meritorious students. The fees in these colleges widely vary from 1 lakh per semester to 10 lakh per annum.

  • Eligibility:

There are certain eligibility criteria which a student need to fulfil to join an MBA course in any business school in Chennai. Let’s have a glance at the eligibility criteria:

  • Basic eligibility includes a bachelor’s degree in any field, science, arts, commerce or engineering.
  • Also, to join a business school, a candidate needs to crack through entrance examinations like CAT, GMAT, MAT, XAT, ATMA, etc.
  • Higher studies and Placement:

This city also offers you with a wide range of colleges where you can look to pursue your higher studies instead of going out and looking for more opportunities. Placement scenario as stated above is decent enough to land you a comfortable job and at the end make you stable. Placement records of various colleges state the same. Being in a city of IIT and IIM this provides you with a better platform for research and development in your particular field of interest.

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