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Bhubaneswar is the capital city of the state Odisha. It is the largest city in the state Odisha. It is one of the majorly developed cities in India. It is a metropolitan city. After the Chandigarh and Jamshedpur, It had its name in the list of the planned cities in modern India. Bhubaneswar is also known as the IT-hub and the temple city of India. The city is developing at a fast rate and also it has been growing in the IT sector. The city is perfect for those who are going to pursue an MBA as the city provides amazing infrastructure and best opportunities for the MBA aspirants. The educational infrastructure is best for the students going for the MBA program.

In the last years, Bhubaneswar has been able to attract a large no of tourists making it one of India’s best places for tourism which in return provides great job and opportunities in large number to the MBA students. MBA in Bhubaneswar is going to be one of the best choices in your life. Along with the monuments, temples and other tourist places, the city is filled with some of the best educational institutes in India. Also, the city has the biggest IT companies in India and a large number of different industrial sectors which will provide the best scope for the students of MBA. As all the industries need management to work, which provides a lot of job opportunities to the students of the MBA program.

Also, the educational institutes of the city have great infrastructure for learning and doing research. These management institutes have linked up with a lot of companies of the different industrial sectors which comes to the institutes for hiring new employees in the companies. Also, the pay scale which the MBA students get is very high than other jobs. Therefore, MBA in Bhubaneswar has an amazing scope.

Benefits of doing MBA from Bhubaneswar:

Doing MBA in Bhubaneswar can provide you with unexpected benefits. There are a lot of benefits of doing MBA in Bhubaneswar which are:

  1. Placement:

As in Bhubaneswar, there are some of the management institutes which have tied up with several different companies which hire employees in its company every year from these institutes. So the chance to land in a good company at a good pay scale is high right after the completion of the MBA program.

  • 2.      IT hub:

The Bhubaneswar city is also known as the It-hub. The industrial area is developing at a fast rate in the city. Bhubaneswar has a lot of biggest industries which generate large employment for the management students.

  • The action of Government:

As the city is developing, the government is taking various steps to bring various MNC’s in the city for creating more and more job opportunities for the students. Also, the packages offered by these MNC’s to the employees are high. Thus, there are better career opportunities for MBA students to work in these big MNC’s.

  • Amazing Infrastructure:

Amazing infrastructure is offered in the management institutes of the Bhubaneswar. Thus, better opportunity for doing research, study and apply practical skills. So you must do MBA in Bhubaneswar.

MBA Specializations:

  1. Finance management:

To run the economy, knowledge of finance is very important. MBA in Finance includes direct and indirect taxation, how do local and global economies works, and also various economic strategies to boost the practical skills and theoretical knowledge of the student. Students having interest in finance can do MBA in this specialization.  Also, In India, MBA in finance holds amazing job opportunities for the students.

  • Information Technology Management:

Information technology is one of the fastest-growing sectors not only in India but in the whole world. The students interested in technology can go for MBA in Information technology management. Also the city Bhubaneswar is a big IT-hub, thus creating a lot of career opportunities for MBA students. There are several campuses of IT industries in Bhubaneswar which have tied with management institutes in the city and these companies pick up employees for the company every year, thus generating employment for the MBA students.

  • Consultant:

Almost every company whether it is a big company or a small company, they need perfect guidance for managing their tax systems, for growth of the company, solving various problems related to the business, and to face and handle the challenges faced by the company. So MBA in this specialization will be very beneficial and better in providing high pay job opportunities to the students. Also, this specialization is the most popular and favorite among MBA students.

  • Operational management:

This is a type of specialization of MBA that focuses on providing knowledge and skills to the students which help in increasing the efficiency and the enhancing the productivity of the company for the betterment of the company. As every company requires a smooth working environment, thus better analysis of the various operations and tactful organizing strategies can help to increase the flow of company for real growth.

  • Human resource management:

Human resource management means managing the people and other resources, thus creating a better environment for doing work. This specialization focuses on managing the employees of the company in a way such that it results in increased productivity and high growth. Students are taught about solving various disagreements between the employees and the management in this specialization of MBA program for smooth coordination. Students who can convince others can go for it.

As every company has a management team, therefore scope in this area of the sector is vast generating high employment. Also, students having this specialization will have a good pay scale than some of the other specializations.

  • Marketing:

In the industrial sector, marketing skills have become so important to attract more customers and achieve or maintain the company at a high position among various companies across the globe. The marketing MBA is one of the most favorite choices among the students. Also, there are a lot of career options for the students having this specialization. Also, you can work in different companies as all the companies have a marketing team. Students who are interested in marketing can go for MBA in marketing.

  • Healthcare and hospitality management:

In almost every city, there are a lot of healthcare systems which require proper management system to work upon. This specialization works on teaching various techniques and systems to manage these types of organizations. This area has a wide scope.

  • Entrepreneurship:

This specialization focuses on teaching the business concepts and inculcating various strategic skills to the students. Students having this specialization in MBA can also open their own business or can work in the companies. There are a lot of job opportunities for students in this area.

  • Rural development and management:

An MBA in rural development and management teaches the students about the different methodologies which involve principle techniques to focus on and develop the rural area. This sector is also growing at a fast rate and is generating huge employment. Students interested in this MBA specialization can go for it.

  1. Network and data management:

An MBA in network and data management tends to focus on teaching the students various skills and techniques to manage the data of an organization. Now, all the companies prefer to store all their data online, so every company has a network and data management team which is responsible for the data management and management of all their online websites. Thus, this is huge employment generating area. An MBA in Bhubaneswar will be having a great scope, as there are a lot of IT companies in the city.

Fees Structure for MBA in Bhubaneswar:

There are several best management institutes in Bhubaneswar. Some colleges charge high amount of fee whereas some colleges charge less. But the quality of education also differs at different colleges. The reason that some colleges charge high for the MBA program has tied up with the big companies which provide them jobs according to their skillset. These companies visit colleges every year to hire students in their companies. But the many good companies visit the low charging colleges too; all that is needed to land in a good company is the quality of the candidate. There are several colleges to choose from which suits best for a student according to his budget or some personal requirements. The average fee of an MBA in Bhubaneswar ranges between 1 lakh to 10 lakhs per annum. 


There is a basic eligibility criterion which is set for admission into an MBA program which must be fulfilled by the student otherwise the student will not get admission into the program. The educational qualification required by a student to get admission into an MBA program is graduation. Students can also give various exams held by the different management institutes for a scholarship in an MBA program.

Higher studies:

After the MBA, students who are not interested in doing a job can apply for top universities abroad and can do research or work on projects. They can do various management courses after MBA.

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