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Study MBA/ PGDM in Bhopal

Today, a graduate has numerous subjects and streams to choose and walk on. MBA, the Masters of Business Administration is a course for the utmost grooming of the students for senior management roles in various public and private sectors of business. MBA is always a very prospectus course for the students who want to pursue senior management positions or aim to get fully prepared for further higher study in business, such as a DBA, or a PhD. The speciality of MBA lies in its special course-design which gives a combined knowledge in various fields like psychology, sociology, economics, accounting and finance; rather than providing a specific education in a certain field like other Masters programme. Despite the fact that an MBA can be expensive, an MBA is a very career-focused course and there are many reasons for which one chooses to pursue an MBA degree like:

  1. Post-graduation in Business administration will have opportunities to choose a job with High Salary Potential.
  2. An educated Business Administrator can also choose to become young entrepreneurs.
  3. Business schools give students immense exposure, excellent research opportunities and scope to pursue their future professional life.
  4. They can discover a variety of fields of study, such as Business Informatics, Electronics and Business, etc.
  • Why study MBA in Bhopal:

Students often struggle over choosing the right Business school and also, they become confused with the choices between pursuing MBA whether at an Indian Business School or to go in any foreign business school. Sometimes it is hard for the students to leave their homeland for family issues, financial problem or issues related to their own health. In such cases, and also in India especially in Bhopal, there are many good Indian business School. Terms and condition for obtaining a Postgraduate degree from an Indian Business School:

  • Admission: To study MBA in India the main entrance exam is CAT. The other popular entrance exams are XAT, SNAP, NMAT, IIFT, etc. After this written test students need to go through an interview process for Indian Business Schools.
  • : in today’s education system the cost is a very important factor. Definitely, the MBA abroad is much costlier than an Indian MBA degree. A 2-year MBA program in any top Business schools of Bhopal will cost approximately 10-20 Lakhs (though in some places the price can vary) but in case of Private Business Schools of Bhopal, the course fee can increase. 
  • Career opportunities: Business schools of Bhopal give on-campus placement according to the final grade obtained by their student after completion of their courses. In India, the local students can look for their work opportunities out of campus-placement in Indian companies through their contacts.
  • Quality of Education > the course offered by best Indian institutions of Bhopal are excellent and equally valuable like any international MBA degree obtained from any foreign Business school. But the level of competition in MBA institutions of Bhopal is massive, so, students have to give their best in entrance exams.

Now have a glance over the most in-demand MBA Specializations offered by top Business Schools of Bhopal:

  1. Master of Business Administration Program in Global Business Management :

This course is the combination of case studies, best practices, and dynamic learning experiences to train the students to get a better understanding of the east and west business strategies in fields like management, finance, marketing, innovation, digital enterprises and global business.

  • MBA in Finance:

Today the job of a finance manager is one of the highest-paid jobs. Responsibility of the manager in finance is to manage all the financial records of a company. Students will be taught professionally to improve their Mathematical Skills, Communication Skills, Leadership Skills, Supervisory Skills for qualifying in the domain of Banking, Corporate finance, Accounting, Financial Planning, Financial Advisor, Certified Public Accountant.

  • MBA – Master of Business Administration:

This course is also called general postgraduate degree in management, designed to provide the graduates with necessary skills and competencies to make themselves able for the management positions in the field of business administration, both in public and the private sectors.

  • MBA International Marketing:

This course is designed for graduate students to bring out their quality-focused on developing building essential soft employability skills for better career prospects. This course is designed with dissertations, internship or consulting project Global exposure to train every student in every Business school of Bhopal for Guaranteed internships placement. It will also groom students adequately to work abroad or at multi-national companies’ post-graduation.

  • MBA in Energy Management:

The decaying energy resource and fast-growing energy demands make here a place for educated professionals who are not only expert in managing their businesses but also capable of leading their energy businesses in a sustainable manner in accordance with the challenging and rapidly changing environment.

  • MBA in Health Care Management:

This course is the ideal education program for graduate students who want to pursue a career in the health care field. In this programme, students will be provided with state-of-the-art business know-how, social skills, legal proficiency and profound knowledge on how the national and international health care systems actually work.

  • MBA in IT or Technology Management:

MBA graduates from the field of information and technology are today’s most demanding candidates to apply for any job in any world-class company. It brings the MBA graduates at the cutting edge of UX, design, and the flow of information technology. In future benefited the students of this course can build their career as System Analyst, Chief technology officers, IT manager/ consultant, Technical Program Manager, Senior Product Manager, Technical product manager etc.

  • MBA in Entrepreneurship:

By enrolling in an MBA program, students will acquire requisite knowledge in critical management and business development experience as well as the skills the entrepreneurs will need to pitch ideas and secure funding.

  • MBA in Human Resource and Organization Psychology:

In our postmodern era, the field of psychology has extensively growing work opportunities in the field of human psychology. The HR department is a very vital disciplinary performing all HR functions like workforce planning, compensation, employee benefits, recruitment, training, and administration.

  • Eligibility criteria:

The admission requirements (criteria) for the MBA are enlisted below:

  1. Bachelor degree or equivalent qualification obtained from a recognised University
  2. Applicants have to provide academic proof of their previous education institute.
  3. It is not necessary to have obtained a degree in the domain of Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA), however, in their degree students must have completed an academic piece of work with a final submission of project or dissertation that shows a degree of academic writing and research experience.
  4. Proof of nationality and birth certificate and the mark sheet of Standard X, Standard XII.

Undoubtedly, the MBA is an extremely expensive course. Many meritorious students are not financially strong enough to pursue this course. For this reason, students can have scholarships of two categories like

MBA scholarships are awarded based on various factors like:

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